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Patterson Companies (NASDAQ:PDCO): It’s Pretty Bad

A special thanks to Deric Cadora for sharing Patterson Companies with me. It’s remarkable the kindness and friendly generosity I’ve received since I began sharing my works with the world. Deric has been especially supportive, and I’m grateful for his encouragement and kindness. Company Background Since the dawn of trade, merchants have existed. They buy stuff,… Read more

Elevate Credit (NYSE:ELVT): Hairy, Disagreeable, and Unwanted – Sign Me Up.

Introduction Sick of cocktail parties? Tired of being the center of attention? Ready to complete your journey to absolute “lonersville”? Well look no further, as I’ve got a company that’s almost guaranteed to eliminate all future invitations to cocktail parties, and whose very mention will be met by cautious looks, sneers, and absolute disgust (hey,… Read more

Argan (NYSE:AGX): A Wonderful Company at a Bargain Price

Company Background At present market valuations, finding a good company in developed markets at a bargain price is about as likely as finding the Holy Grail, but I believe I’ve found one that fits the profile. Argan (NYSE:AGX) is a power services holding company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, that operates four fully owned subsidiaries: Gemma… Read more

A Company Worth Raiding: Newell Brands (NYSE:NWL)

Backstory I have a romanticized view of activist investors (formerly known as corporate raiders), especially ones that are ideological. By ideological, I mean those investors who are convinced a large portion of corporate America is run by self-interested management who act at the expense of shareholders (the real owners). The activist investor, equipped with a… Read more

Correct Me If I’m Wrong, but This Looks Like a No-Brainer Investment – Amira Nature Foods (NYSE:ANFI)

Introduction I struggled all afternoon yesterday trying to figure out why Amira Nature Foods’ (NYSE:ANFI) share price fell 49%, but found it difficult to find a concrete answer. After some helpful insight from established value investor Dr. Sven Carlin, it seemed that sentiment was behind the drop. Given that Amira’s size is small, this limits… Read more